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How does this make you feel? Hi Ed, Thank you for contacting Coupons. Our coupon-printing technology is currently supported on the following computer operating systems and web browsers: Macintosh OS X The Coupon Printer may not work with "beta" releases of supported browsers, and is disabled in virtual computing environments.

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Additionally, if you are operating a bit version of Windows, then print from the bit version of Internet Explorer. Go back to Coupons. If you are having trouble printing and feel that you are on a supported operating system and web browser, try to print again using another supported browser to see if your print issue is specific to that browser or part of a wider issue.

Re: printer install

If you don't have another one of these web browsers installed on your computer yet, they are available free for download on the Internet. Just search for them by name. Some internet security programs and firewall settings contain a feature known as "Stealth Browsing" or "Anonymous Browsing" , which is designed to hide the identity of your web browser from the Internet. The false label created in place of your browser's true identity may result in our site identifying it as an unsupported browser.

Disabling this feature will allow your compatible web browsers to pass the browser compatibility check on our site. If you still need assistance, please reply to this post with the name of your operating system, web browsers you attempted to print with, the browser version info, and a brief description of what happened when you tried to print.

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Thanks for your prompt reply Greg. If you need to contact me I am at www. The client brought me her machine because it would not install, or more precisely kept reinstalling your coupon. She's done this about 30 times. But still has not been able to print since she got out of the hospital several months ago.. The machine in question is a Dell laptop running Windows Seven, Home premium, bit, service pack one.

I have scanned the computer for virus and malware using various methods and programs including malwarebytes, ESET, TSS killer, hitman Pro, and several others. The machine this clean Have tried multiple bit browsers including Internet Explorer nine, Google Chrome, Firefox — several versions — from 11 through Have uninstalled the virus scanner Avast , checked for other security software, removed all previous versions of Java, thoroughly cleaned temporary Internet files, cookies and the like.

Manually deleted what appeared to be coupon printing folders in the users application data as well as in the program files.. Have reset the network interfaces. Reset permissions, cleared policies and installed and tested a different inkjet printer. Most recently, I have refreshed overlay install the operating system and redone all of the updates.

Coupon Policy

I am becoming convinced that your software is deficient if not outright defective. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Ed Amgeek. Hi Ed, Thanks for your reply and for providing a phone number. I'd like to set up a call with you tomorrow morning at approximately If that will suit, please let me know. If another time would work better for you, please call me at , Mon-Fri. Ed Barnat June 14, I will call you at The Coupon Printer may have been disabled in your browser.

Check to see that the Coupons, Inc browser add-ons are Enabled. Windows 8 operating system in Metro mode will not be able to print coupons from our site. The Coupons. You will have to switch to classic mode to be able to print coupons. From the Metro mode start screen, navigate to your desktop, open your browser of choice, visit our site to select and print coupons as you normally would. This message will appear when the Coupon Printer detects that your printer is trying to save a digital copy of its print job, or when the Coupon Printer is unable to establish a connection with your printer.

If you are sure your printer is not set to save its print jobs, then check to see that your default printer is set to communicate using the proper printer port.

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  8. If your printer is set up to print wirelessly through your network, you may have the incorrect communication port settings configured. This step should allow you to clear the error and restart the pending print job from your queue or resubmit the print request from your web browser.

    If you've verified that your port settings are correct and you are still encountering this error message, then try to print the coupon again using a different browser to determine if an issue exists with your current browser or elsewhere within your system. Our secure printing platform ensures that coupons will never display on screen, but will print directly to your printer. Before printing, make sure your default printer is on, connected, and has paper and ink or toner. Coupons cannot be printed to a fax machine or to digital formats such as PDF, so make sure your default printer is set to print to paper.

    Given that coupons are often quite valuable, many companies have limited how many times one person or household can print a coupon, how many total coupon printouts are available, or how long a coupon will be available. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to reset print limits for individual users. Coupons are often quite valuable; that's why many offer providers e.

    The Coupon Printer is a small, safe browser add-on that was created for one purpose: Additionally, it enables high-quality coupon prints that will scan easily at checkout. Installation is a quick and easy process, simply follow the step-by-step instructions.

    How to Remove Coupon Printer for Windows with Reason Core Security

    This plug-in has been engineered to run seamlessly with widely used Windows and Mac OS X operating systems and popular browsers. Once the plug-in is installed it will enable you to print future coupons without the need for additional downloads. You may be attempting to print the web page itself and not the coupons. It may be that your antivirus settings are too high and blocking the installation. Please rest assured that we do not deliver viruses, trojans, malware, or adware with our download.

    If you find you are being blocked, you can disable your antivirus protections temporarily, install the Coupon Printer, re-enable your antivirus protections and then print coupons.

    I am unable to install the coupon printer on

    If you are using Internet Explorer, the ActiveX control for the Coupon Printer may have been disabled during installation. If you are trying to load our site and you get an "Access Denied", "The request is being blocked by Please contact your network administrator about unblocking our domain so you can view and print our coupon offers. If you are trying to print coupons at work, the library, an Internet cafe or University computer lab, you may not have administrative permissions required to download and install programs onto the computer you are using.

    This may be true even if you've downloaded and installed other files or programs onto this computer. If you are unable to print coupons from a shared computing environment, please contact your system administrator for more information. Healthy Living. Independence LIVE. Can I get the coupons without downloading your Coupon Print Activator plug-in?

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    Can you mail or e-mail me the coupons? How do I install the Coupon Printer?

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    To install the Coupon Printer for Windows: Before you install the Coupon Printer, quit any web browsers that are running Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. Click "Save" in Firefox, then run the install file once the download completes Read and agree to the license agreement to begin installing the Coupon Printer Once you see "Installation Successful", your coupons will be sent directly to your system's default printer.

    How do I uninstall the Coupon Printer? I am not able to uninstall the Coupon Printer and see the error "Uninstall data file missing", what can I do? What can I do if I am behind a firewall and unable to install the Coupon Printer?